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Welcome to the website of the Friends of Milton Road Library


We are a group who support the Milton Road Library in Cambridge and want to ensure we retain it as a local library but also develops as a community resource.

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Update on Plans for Library & Community Hub

Further work has been completed on developing the library to be a community hub with library and community facilities. Having obtained planning consent work is now in progress to confirm certain matters and to complete the necessary legal arrangements.  

The Coulson Building Group has been appoint as the design and build contractors for this project. The contractors are now in a positon to begin on the detailed design stage, and this will take around 12 weeks. The construction programme will be developed by the contractors. It is hoped that construction will begin towards the end of 2017, and is expected to be completed within a year.  

During the demolition and build period temporary mobile library provision will be made available: one of the mobile library lorries will be made available in the Roger Ascham site next to Milton Road school. It will unfortunately only have a much smaller stock of books than we are used to and no IT facilities. Arbury library will however be open for additional house each week. Full details on the temporary arrangements we will publish once finalised by the Library Service.


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Friends of Milton Road Library

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