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Welcome to the website of the Friends of Milton Road Library


We are a group who support the Milton Road Library in Cambridge and want to ensure it stays open but also develops as a community resource.

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New Plans for Library & Community Hub

A new set of plans have been developed for the replacement of Milton Road library. Those attached to the planning application at the end of June were subject to extensive criticism from local residents, from the Friends of Milton Rd Library, and from the city council’s Urban Design and Conservation officers. In response there has been a radical rethink and the new plans are substantially different. More work will have been done on them but an advance view last week showed:

  • The scale and massing of the building would be much reduced
  • There would now be only 7 flats above the ground floor (10 had been proposed)
  • The flats would be on top of the ground floor but separated into two buildings
  • The proposed balconies and roof terrace have been removed
  • The Ascham Rd front of the building would be moved further back from the pavement
  • More of the trees would be retained
  • The pavement’s blind corner where Ascham Rd meets Milton Rd would be addressed
  • The library and community facilities on the ground floor would be smaller than previously proposed but still slightly larger than at present

The revised plans do not yet appear on the City Council’s planning web site but will be subject to consultation and should be there soon. The old application and plans have been officially wihdrawn.

An exhibition of the new draft plans was on show at the library from Monday 17th October for 2 weeks.


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Friends of Milton Road Library

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