At an evening event on May 16th 2024, Dr Christie Marr of the Newton Institute at Cambridge University unveiled a plaque honouring Sir Andrew Wiles, who was inspired as a boy at Milton Road library to take up the challenge of solving Fermat’s last theorem.

The plaque reads: ‘It was in this library that Andrew Wiles, born in Cambridge, and then aged ten, came across the problem of Fermat’s Last Theorem which had puzzled mathematicians for over three centuries.  Gripped by the problem he set himself to solve it and in 1994 he proved the theorem to wide acclaim, making front page headlines worldwide.  For this he was later awarded the Copley medal from the Royal Society and the Abel Prize, similar to the Nobel Prize, from Norway.  Appointed in 2018 as the first Regius Professor of Mathematics at Oxford University, he is the patron of the Friends of Milton Road Library.’

Celebrating Sir Andrew Wiles

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