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Milton Road Library is a valued and important civic building in this residential area between Chesterton and Arbury. It has recently been demolished as part of a redevelopment plan to create an improved library and community space (with flats above). There will be a much improved garden area as part of this with doors out from the children’s area plus places to sit and plants and trees to enjoy. We plan for it to be inviting and welcoming for all (not just library users).

A number of trees were removed and all have been fully pollarded to clear access. What had been a green and leafy corner passed by hundreds of people each day has become a blank building site surrounded by large hoardings – these will be there until March 2019 at the earliest.

Our plan is for a project that is as joyous and inclusive as possible, involving our youngest members of our communities and their families and educators. Members of the library steering group and artist Jo Tunmer ran a whole day workshop last Friday involving the whole of Milton Road Primary School. In doing so the children were asked:

  • What’s your favourite book/author?
  • Where do you like reading?
  • Where’s the most surprising place you’ve read/been read to?
  • Who is your favourite reading companion? Can you describe them and draw them?
  • Can you describe and draw a fantastical place you would like to read in?

A total of 253 pieces of art were created and elements from them will be included in the new coverings for the hoarding. It is expected that some of the work will also be displayed in the new library when it reopens.

Friends of Milton Road Library plan to work with the County Council and the developers to transform the hoardings around the current building site with some of the drawings, creating a temporary gallery that celebrates the children’s creativity and that everyone can enjoy. To do this we need to raise funds.


Press Release – Art of Reading
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